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Cracks on the heels

  Cracks on the heels? Symptoms: very dry, rough skin on the feet, cracked soles and heels, pain when walking....

Rough, very dry skin on the face, body, or legs

  Rough, very dry skin on the face, body, or legs Maybe your skin needs more nutrition and hydration.  ...

Neurodermatitis skin care

  Neurodermatitis skin care Skin with symptoms of neurodermatitis demands very gentle and dermatologically tested cosmetics.     There is...

Skin care for diabetes

  Skin care for diabetes With increased blood sugar content, the functions of many organs and systems are disrupted. Under...

Psoriasis skin care

  Psoriasis skin care Intensive moisturizing can reduce unpleasant symptoms such as itching and flaking. There is a solution! All...

Very sensitive skin?

  Very sensitive skin?   More and more people are complaining of skin hypersensitivity. Such skin reacts with redness, burning...