…… a cooling skin care product for irritated and reddened skin, caused by e.g. insect stings and too much sun.



Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel nourishes and calms skin irritated by insect bites or the sun, thereby reducing itching and having a pleasant cooling effect.

Due to its special composition, the care gel shows the cooling and soothing effect directly after application.


How to use the Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel


Generously apply Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel to the skin areas where it is needed. After an insect bite, a pea-sized amount of gel is recommended.



For reddened skin irritated by the sun, please use multiple pumps of the gel, depending on the size of the skin area. If required, the gel can be applied to large skin areas multiple times per day.

Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel is easy to spread, absorbs quickly, and does not leave a film on the skin.

The gel dispenser, available in pharmacies, allows the removal of the individually required amount of gel. It does not leak and is therefore ideal for on the go.


The application variety


Use Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel whenever and as soon as possible when irritated skin signals a need for care, e.g. by feeling tight or itching.


Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel cares for and soothes irritated and

itchy skin after bites from insects such as mosquitoes, horse- flies or bees. Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel can also help to relieve itching after bites from sand fleas and animal fleas.


In case of irritated, reddened or taut skin after staying out in the sun for too long, Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel provides pleasantly cooling relief to the skin, thereby reducing taut- ness. The nourishing gel moisturizes and can also be applied to large areas of skin.


Contact with plants such as conifers, roses and grasses while gardening can result in skin irritation. Immediately applied, Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel cools and cares for the skin. After contact with stinging nettles, the care gel cools and soothes the typical „burning“ sensation.


After shaving, Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel refreshes and calms irritated skin.


The composition



Calendula officinalis


Calendula officinalis extracts regenerate the skin after stays in the sun and after insect bites. They also soothe the skin prone to allergies.


Urtica urens


Urtica urens has been used to treat skin irritations since ancient times. Urtica extracts in Coolakut Insect Sting & Sun Care Gel support the calming effect that the gel has on skin irritation caused by exposure to the sun.


Ledum palustre


Since the 13th century, the plant has been used in Finland to combat mosquitoes and insects. The extract is typically used for skin irritation requiring cooling


Apis mellifica


The scientific name of the honeybee is Apis mellifica. For thousands of years, man has been taking advantage of the bee in various fields. Apis mellifica extracts have proven beneficial for superficial redness and skin irritation with contact sensitivity.