Restlessness in a small child

  Restlessness in a small child The baby’s nervous system develops gradually, and a gentle oil massage can help with it. Even if all the baby’s needs are met (he/she is fed, has a clean diaper, lies in a soft and cozy crib, and it’s warm and quiet around), he/she may show symptoms of restlessness […]

Diaper Rash in Infants

  Diaper Rash in Infants   Symptoms: Diaper rash is a skin irritation in the diaper area. The symptoms of diaper rash can vary and may include: Redness Swelling Rash, blisters Moist sores In any case, touching the affected skin can be very painful, and a baby with diaper rash may be more restless, have […]

Child doesn’t like washing their face? Doesn’t enjoy bathing?

    The child doesn’t like to bathe     From first days of life bathing is an important part of child care. A bath with warm water not only helps to keep clean the skin, but also gives a lot of pleasant sensations, soothes and helps to fall asleep. However, experienced parents know that […]