Mature sensitive skin

  Mature sensitive skin   It is quite difficult to choose cosmetic care for this type of skin, because active anti-aging ingredients often have a certain irritating potential. At the same time, negative skin changes associated with aging are often accompanied by increased skin sensitivity. For example, oxidative stress, which causes photo aging due to […]

Minor skin imperfections

  Minor skin imperfections Even normal skin without excessive oiliness or dryness may not look attractive enough if its color and texture are not ideal. Uneven pigmentation, enlarged capillaries, tiny stagnant areas, microscopic scars – traces of healed inflammations, fine wrinkles resembling creases of cigarette paper can spoil the overall impression. Dark circles or puffiness […]

Physical and mental overload, emotional stress

  Physical and mental overload, emotional stress   Intensive study, career advancement, the birth of a child, and other personal circumstances – all this forces us to live at high speeds. There may be appear such symptoms as: feeling off constant fatigue; depressive mood; deterioration of cognitive functions – memory, thinking, attention; insomnia; digestive disorders; […]

Premature age-related changes

  Premature age-related changes   Symptoms: Loss of skin elasticity, appearance of fine lines, vascular asterisks, uneven pigmentation, impure complexion. Dull, earthy skin appearance. Chronic fatigue, apathy, memory deterioration, and unstable mood. Reduced joint mobility and the appearance of pain in the extremities. The cause of all these unpleasant phenomena may be oxidative stress induced […]