Healing clay – loess

  The German wellness concern Luvos, one of the pioneers of European naturopathy, was the first to assess the potential of a unique rock of glacial origin – loess, which is also called healing clay. Back in the early 20th century, Adolf Just, the founder of this company, considered loess to be the best natural […]

The advantages of natural Vitamin C

  It is widely known the leading role of vitamin C in maintaining human health. But which kind of it should be preferred in order to get the maximum benefit? Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant and participates in many significant biochemical reactions as a cofactor. In particular, it is involved in […]

Aromatherapy during menopause: Clary sage will help

  After the age of 45, women enter a new stage of life – menopause. Its main sign is the cessation of menstruation, which means a serious restructuring of the reproductive system due to a decrease in the level of female sex hormones – estrogens and progesterone. In fact, changes occur in almost the entire […]

Cosmetics for girls: the first steps to beauty

  Even at the most tender age, girls want to be beautiful. Many little girls love to dress up and look in the mirror. And who hasn’t secretly looked into an adult makeup bag to try a forbidden lipstick? Watching her mother, the girl learns to take care of herself, choose cosmetics and use it […]

Sun Protection for Children: Safe Methods

  The best life hack for the safe sun protection for children’s skin To provide baby’s skin protection from damaging and harmful ultraviolet rays – is the important task of his parents. Every time, applying sunscreen, we are forming a healthy habit, reminding of the insidiousness of tanning, we are teaching a child to take […]

Perfect shaving is smooth, clean, and trouble-free

  Comfort and smoothness of the skin after shaving largely depend on the choice of cosmetic products. Aggressive foaming agents or an excess of alcohol in formulas, as well as neglecting post-shave care, can lead to unwanted consequences such as redness, burning sensation, and tightness, as well as the appearance of flaky areas. The best […]

Problems: sunburn

  Treacherous Ultraviolet The ultraviolet (UV) part of the solar spectrum can damage various biological structures. UV rays target collagen fibers, leading to premature skin aging. UV-B rays, in particular, pose a significant threat as they carry a substantial amount of energy, causing sunburns and potentially damaging cell nuclei, thereby increasing the risk of malignant […]

Natural Anti-Aging Products: Skincare for Those Over 40

  Age-related changes encompass a diverse range of processes that affect both the skin and the body as a whole. Therefore, anti-aging care should be comprehensive and all-encompassing. What happens to the skin after a certain age? Dermis: Metabolic processes controlled by the hormonal system slow down. The activity of functional cells in the dermis, […]

Regular or natural cosmetics?

  How to make a smart choice: To ensure that skincare and haircare are entirely safe, it’s worth paying attention to the ingredients included in cosmetic products For decades, affordable cosmetic products have been produced from the cheapest and most stable raw materials using simple chemical technologies. Mineral oils, vaseline, and paraffin were popular, believed […]

Skin is a vast and complex organ where active renewal processes take place

  Skin is a vast and complex organ where active renewal processes take place. It protects the body from heat, cold, and infections, maintains a constant body temperature, and eliminates toxins through sweat. Additionally, healthy skin is a crucial aspect of our appearance, influencing our interactions with others. To ensure the smooth functioning of the […]