PRIMAVERA Cleansing Oil – the highest rating

  Natural brands are perfecting formulas of their cleansing products. Today, it is no longer enough for consumers to simply remove impurities from the skin with a regular foam or lotion; many also expect a noticeable effect of care. The German company Primavera, known for its organic essential oils and aroma cosmetics has offered a […]

Innovations in natural sun protection

  The German manufacturer of organic cosmetics I+M Naturkosmetik Berlin has released a new Sun Protect  line of sunscreens containing next generation of mineral filters. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have a beneficial effect on the skin. For example, zinc helps to relieve redness of the skin, soothes inflammation. This allows them to be used […]

The European Parliament reduces cosmetic wastewater pollution

  According to independent monitoring data, about 14% of wastewater pollution is related to the production of cosmetics (and another 59% to the pharmaceutical industry). The European Parliament has voted for a package of legislative measures, according to which manufacturers of cosmetics and medicines will bear additional costs related to the water purification, including from […]

Popular acne remedies can be dangerous

  One of the most common ingredients in cosmetics for problem skin with acne is benzoyl peroxide. It suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reduces inflammation and regulates sebum secretion. The independent testing laboratory, named Valisure, conducted an analysis of 66 acne remedies containing benzoyl peroxide, which are the most bought in the United States. […]

Kinitro: a new level of health

  New arrivals are now available – premium bio supplements from Kinitro. The products of this new brand are manufactured in Germany and stand out for their exceptional quality and high biological effectiveness. The compact range of Kinitro products has been carefully selected with the participation of leading experts in the field of nutrition. The […]

The consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST gave the liquid soap Speick Original the highest rating

  The popular German consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST regularly tests natural and traditional cosmetic products, evaluating their quality, safety, and the presence of critical ingredients. Speick Original liquid soap was tested alongside 47 other products and received the highest rating “sehr gut” (very good). The magazine’s experts noted the impeccably composed formula of the liquid soap […]

Responsible Manufacturers – Against Global Warming

  The Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) is a set of measures aimed at climate and environmental protection within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement, which was signed by United Nations member states. SBTi standards help companies significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby slowing down the rise in global temperatures. Sustainable development is firmly embedded […]

2023 Trends in Natural Cosmetics

    Natural Skinification. Radically new ingredients and innovative technologies are elevating the effectiveness of natural cosmetics to new heights. Modern cosmetics help the skin fully realize its genetic potential and look more impressive than ever before. Example: NATURALIS Vit C+ – excellent brightening and anti-age products with natural vitamin C and rare Mediterranean extracts. […]

Primavera Life is among the leaders of sustainable development

    The German Sustainability Award is annually granted to companies that make a significant contribution to sustainable economic development. For participation in the competition, the jury has selected 12 cosmetic companies. All of them avoid using environmentally harmful ingredients, protect animal rights, and ensure compliance with fair trade principles throughout their supply chains. This […]