The German organic brand AYLUNA offers a unique system of natural coloring and care that combines the heritage of the East and the West.

Hair coloring with plants is an ancient tradition that has found new life today thanks to the growing interest in environmentally friendly and harmless cosmetic care products. While standard chemical dyes inevitably damage the hair shaft to allow the pigment to securely adhere, coloring plants, on the contrary, act only on the outer layers of the hair and do not harm its natural structure. Moreover, plant-based coloring can be very long-lasting and vibrant.

With AYLUNA’s plant-based dyes, you can give your hair a subtle hint of color or completely change its shade, as well as effectively cover gray hair. Natural coloring simultaneously provides additional care, making the hair denser and more radiant.


AYLUNA Plant-based hair dye


AYLUNA offers a wide range of expressive colors, among which you can always find your unique and most suitable shade.

  • Blond shades: Honey, Caramel, Sahara, Dark Blond
  • Red shades: Maroon, Bordeaux, Chili
  • Brown shades: Light Brown, Cinnamon, Coffee, Chocolate
  • Dark shades: Deep Black, Black Brown

Each dye contains a blend of finely ground powders from renowned Asian coloring plants such as henna, indigo, and amla, enriched with golden chamomile and reddish madder. For intense shine and easy combing, AYLUNA’s dye formulas include conditioning plants, such as stimulating eclipta, known as “bringaraj” in Ayurveda (king of hair), and moisturizing hibiscus.

Applying AYLUNA’s plant-based dyes is easy. It is recommended to mix the powder in a plastic or glass container using sufficiently hot water. Apply the mixture to clean, slightly towel-dried, damp hair strand by strand, and then rinse it off with water. It is advisable to use shampoo no earlier than a day after coloring.

To ensure that the dye applies evenly to the hair and achieves satisfactory results, it is recommended to prepare the hair for plant-based coloring using natural products. Thoroughly remove residues of hair care products, especially if they contain silicones. A gentle natural shampoo can help with this preparation.


AYLUNA Shampoo Shine&Care



If your hair is damaged, with split ends, before starting the coloring process, it is recommended to undergo several strengthening procedures using colorless henna.

Colorless henna consists of dried and finely ground leaves of the cassia shrub. It’s important to note that colorless henna does not color the hair, but it deepens their shade, enveloping each strand with a radiant coating.


AYLUNA Plant-based hair treatment Cassia No 10



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