Cracks on the heels?

Symptoms: very dry, rough skin on the feet, cracked soles and heels, pain when walking.



numis® med Cracked Heel Cream with 25% urea allows you to quickly get rid of cracks, calluses, corns and abrasions. The results are noticeable after the first application of the cream.

numis® med Cracked Heel Cream with 25% urea can also be successfully used on other areas of the body where the skin tends to thicken, become rough and develop cracks – for example, on the knees or elbows.










For localized treatment of cracks, MY TEA TREE OIL from Alkmene is an excellent choice. Essential oil helps to prevent infection.




To provide quick assistance on the way, it is useful to have the universal cosmetic gel CoolAkut with you.

This is an instant action product with a proven active formula based on the healing plant extracts of calendula, nettle, ledum palustre and Aloe barbadensis.