Hair has lost its attractive appearance

Dull, weak, thin and brittle hair with split ends, hair thinning and hair loss – all this can talk about problems in the organism or improper hair care.

What does our hair need?

Mild, non-aggressive cleansing using modern foaming agents. Shampoos with plant-derived surfactants based on coconut oil and natural sugars give the best result.

Delicate and careful combing. For dry, curly and prone-to-tangling hair, it’s advisable to additionally use leave-in lotions.

A light massage of the scalp stimulates blood supply to the hair follicles, strengthens the hair and activates its growth.

Additionally, this simple procedure relieves stress, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of both hair and skin.

Daily protection from external damage, primarily against ultraviolet radiation.

Nourishing and moisturizing substances to restore the strength and elasticity of the hair shaft.

Essential vitamins and other micronutrients for the flow of biochemical reactions that ensure normal functions of the scalp, hair growth and optimal structure of keratin – the main protein forming the hair.


Exclusive natural formulas for comprehensive care of any type of hair.





Naturea Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo is a universal care product enriched with the unique microalgae spirulina. It contains a range of vitamins and trace elements essential for both hair and scalp: beta-carotene improves the condition of the epidermis, B-group vitamins eliminate irritation and dandruff, vitamin E and selenium are powerful antioxidants that protect against free radical damage caused by UV rays.

Spirulina pigments, chlorophyll and phycocyanin also exhibit antioxidant activity. Beneficial fatty acids make hair smoother, more manageable and shiny.

The balanced formula of nourishing shampoo also includes prickly pear stem extract with its outstanding moisturizing potential.







COSMOETICA MiHarmony hair lotion based on organic birch sap is an instant regeneration and visible effects even for the most damaged, tired and dull hair. A complex of specially selected herbal extracts and essential oils strengthens hair roots, revitalizes, refreshes and tones.

Daily application of lotion along the entire length of the hair helps to eliminate static electricity, make unruly hair more manageable and give an insufficiently voluminous hairstyle the necessary splendor. The lotion can also be sprayed directly onto the roots, and then it will serve as an excellent foundation for a light activating massage.