The German wellness concern Luvos, one of the pioneers of European naturopathy, was the first to assess the potential of a unique rock of glacial origin – loess, which is also called healing clay. Back in the early 20th century, Adolf Just, the founder of this company, considered loess to be the best natural absorbent and an effective means for natural detoxification. Today, loess has become the basis of many natural cosmetic products.

Loess is rich in compounds of silicon, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and of trace elements, such as copper, manganese, selenium, zinc. For the production of Luvos cosmetics, loess is extracted from deep mines, dried at high temperature and then finely ground. This increases the total surface area of the particles and provides a high absorption capacity. Loess does not contain any artificial additives – fragrances, dyes, preservatives and is an absolutely pure natural product.

Cosmetics with loess have a silky texture, smooth and soothe the skin, perfectly solve many skin problems, including increased oiliness, a tendency to rashes and hyper reactivity.

Increased oiliness of hair, skin, acne

Clay particles absorb excess sebum and bacterial toxins, help to cleanse and narrow pores, smoothing and refreshing the complexion. In 2008, a group of dermatologists from the Charite University Clinic studied the influence of healing clay, produced by Luvos, on the skin of patients with acne. The results of a 6-week application of clay mask turned out to be excellent: on average, the number of acne was halved, and 80% of the study participants rated the effectiveness of the product as very high. Shampoo with loess helps to get rid of dandruff and to cope with increased greasiness of hair, balancing the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and removing excess sebum.


Local inflammation

The ions of minerals, which are part of the healing clay, penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, due to their low molecular weight, change the osmotic balance in tissues, catalyze metabolic reactions, promote the excretion of their by-products, enhance blood flow, reduce puffiness, tension and soreness.

Masks based on healing clay are especially effective. In their formulas, loess is successfully combined with other natural assets that enhance the required effect. The convenient format of disposable sachets indicates the high effectiveness of these products – the result of their use is noticeable instantly.

Hydro mask is enriched with seaweed extract, which provide long-lasting hydration. Vital mask contains quince extract, which supplies vitamins and regenerates dull skin. The composition of Clean mask includes natural sage extract – it perfectly refreshes and cleanses problem skin, normalizes excess oiliness. Anti-Aging mask smoothes and renews the skin thanks to diatom and white lupine.