In workout: the muscles are overstressed, occurs muscle pains

With regular sports activities, it is important to properly prepare the muscles for training. Otherwise, they do not have time to recover, athletic performance may not be high enough, the risk of injury increases, pain sensations intensify. After a workout with insufficiently warmed muscles, a characteristic aching pain known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) occurs more often. It is caused by microscopic injuries of muscle fibers, accompanied by inflammation and discomfort. In addition, under-oxidized metabolic products accumulate in the muscles, primarily lactic acid salts, which influence specific nerve receptors, what causes the pain.


For prevention pain sensations and improve athletic performance, it is recommended to additionally warm up the muscles before training. This improves blood supply, increases tissue elasticity and reduces the risk of microtrauma.

A noticeable muscle warming-up effect is provided by a special product developed by athletes for athletes – DUL-X Warm-Up Active Gel (Switzerland). It is applied, gently rubbing, to the large skeletal muscles that provide body movement.

This light gel with a non-greasy texture contains rosemary essential oil, known for its invigorating and revitalizing effects on the musculature. The aroma of rosemary tones the nervous system, increases endurance and creates an optimistic attitude. Plant components promote warming up without irritating the skin. The gel has excellent Swiss quality; it is equipped with a convenient package with a pump.



Our recommendations



After workout, delicate cosmetics will be useful, which, even with frequent use, do not irritate the skin.

The universal Naturea Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo gently cleanses from head to toe. Organic spirulina and prickly pear care for the skin and replenish lost trace elements after active sweating.




The natural Cosnature Deo Spray Lime – Mint creates a mood of freshness, energizes and activity. Organic extracts of lime and mint pleasantly cool the heated skin.