The German manufacturer of organic cosmetics I+M Naturkosmetik Berlin has released a new Sun Protect  line of sunscreens containing next generation of mineral filters. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have a beneficial effect on the skin. For example, zinc helps to relieve redness of the skin, soothes inflammation. This allows them to be used as part of natural sun creams and lotions. Conventional mass-brand sunscreens sold in supermarkets and pharmacies, as a rule, contain chemical filters of synthetic origin – they are transparent, but can cause local irritation.

The innovative I+M sunscreens of the Sun Protect line provide reliably protection from ultraviolet for adults and children, while are waterproof and do not leave white traces on the skin. To solve typical for natural sunscreens “white mask” problem, the particle size of the oxides was optimized: they are small enough to become “invisible”, and at the same time not so small as to reach nano-sizes – as it is known, that nano-components are prohibited by European legislation due to the risk of their penetration into the circulatory system.

Organic plant oils give the I+M sunscreens of the Sun Protect line additional effectiveness. For example, karanji oil is a natural antioxidant.