Irritated hand skin


Regular hand washing – an ordinary preventive measure against various infections. However, frequent exposure to water and soap can make the skin of the hands irritated, dry, and painful. The hands appearance is also not pleasing: they turn red and peel off, and you don’t want to draw attention to them at all – put on rings or get a manicure. Small, poorly healing cracks on the fingertips are especially unpleasant. Full hand disinfection in this situation is difficult, as most hand sanitizers contain alcohol or irritating chemicals.

Most often complain about hand irritation people with thin, fragile and naturally sensitive skin, allergies and all those who have to wash their hands frequently due to their professions – doctors, nurses, cafe and restaurant workers, and parents of young children. Another risk factor is a lack of valuable fatty acids in the dietary intake, first of all anti-inflammatory Omega-3.


It should be used the gentlest and most mild hand soap for hand washing – for example, PETIT&JOLIE Hand Soap. It contains non-aggressive foaming agents derived from coconut oil, as well as lactic acid to balance the acidity of the skin and improve its protection.

Sunflower seed oil softens the epidermis and helps to avoid cracking.

After each washing and wiping of hands with a clean towel, it is necessary to apply a high-quality regenerating hand cream. For example, SPEICK Doctor´s Hand Balsam (Made by Speick), have an excellent reviews. Its active healing formula contains organic shea, almond and argan oils combined with a natural restorative – aloe vera gel. Oat extract rapidly soothes irritation and eliminates discomfort.

Also it is important to check the dietary intake – is there enough healthier fats and water in it? Additional intake of Omega-3 acids with high-quality food supplement KINITRO DHA Plus (Germany) will reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of cracks.



Our recommendations


Petit&Jolie Handsoap, 250 ml


Speick “Made by SPEICK” Doctor´s Hand Balsam, 75 ml



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