Minor skin imperfections

Even normal skin without excessive oiliness or dryness may not look attractive enough if its color and texture are not ideal.

Uneven pigmentation, enlarged capillaries, tiny stagnant areas, microscopic scars – traces of healed inflammations, fine wrinkles resembling creases of cigarette paper can spoil the overall impression. Dark circles or puffiness may appear around the eyes. Individually, these signs may be considered minor and not worthy of attention.

However, as a whole, such skin will look neglected, dull and not particularly healthy.

Typically, the causes of these minor defects are related to dietary errors and minor disruptions in the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Against this background, chronic microintoxication develops, and immunity slightly decreases (it is known that the intestine is an important immune organ). Stress, lack of sleep, frequent exposure to the electromagnetic field of gadgets, regular inhalation of automobile exhausts or tobacco smoke, the consumption of fast food with high levels of artificial additives – preservatives, colorings, stabilizers – also contribute to these issues.


Cosmetic and Nutrient Support for Antioxidant Protection and Detoxification. In addition to lifestyle corrections, additional intake of nutrients with antioxidant and detoxifying properties is necessary, along with the use of cosmetic products containing antioxidant and regenerating components.

Special attention should be paid to caring for the delicate skin around the eyes – any deviations from perfection are most noticeable in this area.




KINITRO BioSpirulina

A versatile and multifunctional remedy for maintaining skin beauty is the microalgae Spirulina. This naturally created and perfectly balanced wellness complex contains:

Easily digestible proteins and copper compounds necessary for the synthesis of high-quality collagen fibers. Carotenoids that contribute to the maturation of epidermal cells, making the skin smoother and visually even, improving the complexion.

Iron for optimal blood supply to the skin.

Valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that restore the lipid barrier and alleviate micro-inflammations.

Antioxidant pigments – chlorophyll and phycocyanin – for protection against aggressive external factors.

Importantly, Spirulina is a natural detoxifier and prebiotic; it binds many harmful toxins, nourishes the intestinal microflora, thereby improving digestion and immunity.






4 ELEMENTS 24h Cream

This fresh and light cream with its powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effects improves skin quality, instantly leaving it radiant, smooth and velvety. The refined and effective formula is enriched with a potent natural antioxidant – pomegranate seed oil in combination with nourishing and lightweight almond oil. Hyaluronic acid maintains optimal skin hydration, thereby ensuring normal exchange and regeneration, smoothing the skin’s texture, enhancing its tone and elasticity.





An exquisite, lightweight cream designed to care for the delicate skin around the eyes. The instant visual effect is achieved through deep moisturization, nutrition and toning in combination with natural minerals that scatter light and mask imperfections. It is a blend of natural moisturizers – organic aloe and hyaluronic acid – along with valuable oils like almond, pomegranate seeds and prickly pear. Grape seed oil, an effective antioxidant, works to restore dry, dull and sensitive skin.