With each passing year, the variety of men’s cosmetic products becomes increasingly diverse. What is the specificity of men’s products, and why is it better to prefer natural formulas?

Unlike women’s skin, men’s skin is thicker and denser, with larger sebaceous and sweat glands that are more densely distributed. This provides higher hydration and better protection against external influences. The activity of sebaceous glands is regulated by male hormones, and their high levels are one of the causes of inflammatory breakouts on the face (acne). Daily shaving creates a certain stress for the skin, as the sharp blade of the razor removes not only hair but also a thin layer of epidermal cells. Sensitive skin often reacts negatively to shaving – the face reddens, burning and itching are felt, and the skin’s surface peels. This situation is worsened by products with aggressive foaming agents or alcohol.

Natural shaving products are generally gentle; they are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or problematic skin prone to inflammation. Natural shaving cosmetics contain soothing and binding plant extracts that alleviate irritation, slightly tighten skin pores, and heal microscopic injuries left by the razor. For example, hop extract contains flavonoids – plant antioxidants that protect the skin from UV damage and help it stay youthful longer. Additionally, the tannins in hop contribute to wound healing and have a mild antibacterial effect.

Flax extract also has a good soothing effect. It moisturizes the skin and provides smooth gliding during shaving.


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Men appreciate functionality and effectiveness in cosmetics. That’s why multi-purpose products ‘several in one’ are so popular. Often, one bottle combines not only shampoo with conditioner but also face wash and shaving products. There is an even more versatile option where one product can be used for washing, shaving, and showering. This is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly, as it saves time and shelf space in the bathroom, and reduces the need for multiple purchases and plastic waste.

Another typical men’s issue is excessive sweating. Synthetic antiperspirants suppress the activity of sweat glands, but sweating is necessary for the body as one of the mechanisms of thermoregulation. Complete blocking of sweat glands is not physiological and can lead to compensatory increased sweating on the back, neck, or forehead. Natural deodorants contain plant extracts with binding properties that narrow the outlets of sweat glands but do not completely block them – for example, the familiar hop extract.

Natural deodorants also include natural antibacterial components, such as citric acid compounds, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms causing unpleasant odors. Natural fragrances with citrus and herbal notes create a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of freshness. COSNATURE MEN Deo Roll-on Hop COSNATURE MEN Deo Spray Hop BIOKOSMA MEN Deo Roll-On Alpine Flax-Hop




BIOKOSMA MEN Deo Roll-On Alpine Flax-Hop