Body oil differs significantly from familiar cosmetic products like lotions or body milk. It contains no emulsifiers and water, only pure plant oils and additional fat-soluble ingredients, such as essential oils. Many plant oils have a composition similar to human skin epidermal lipids, so they work both on the surface and deep within. In the upper layers of the epidermis, oils “seal the gaps,” replenishing the deficit of natural lipids and restoring the lipid barrier. With regular oil care, the skin retains moisture, becomes smoother, and takes on a rosy hue. Micro-cracks, through which infections and allergenic particles penetrate, disappear. Consequently, skin hypersensitivity is eliminated, and local immunity is strengthened.

Due to their affinity with epidermal lipids, oil compositions penetrate well into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Many essential oils stimulate microcirculation, improve skin elasticity, and contribute to its regeneration.

Typically, body oil is recommended to be applied immediately after a shower or bath, without completely drying the skin – this way, more moisture is retained. Massage enhances the positive effects of body oils. Rhythmic touches warm the skin and soft tissues, activate metabolic processes, increase lymphatic drainage, and efficiently remove excess fluid. Oils are absorbed intensively, leaving the skin velvety and seemingly radiant. Interestingly, massage affects us not only on a physical but also on a psychological level: the production of oxytocin – the hormone of trust and closeness that reduces anxiety, and the happiness hormone serotonin, is increased.

Depending on the skin’s condition and cosmetic goals, various oils can be chosen, as each plant oil has its lipid profile and advantages. Massage techniques will also vary accordingly.

Against Cellulite Citrus essential oils have excellent anti-cellulite effects. They tone the skin, reduce swelling, and smooth visible irregularities – the so-called “orange peel” on the thighs and buttocks. In BIOKOSMA Body Oil Organic Lemon Verbena, natural oils of lemon and orange are complemented by fragrant lemon verbena extract and warming essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, and juniper. Almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, and wheat germ oils ensure perfect glide and nourish the skin.

Anti-cellulite massage starts from the feet, moving upwards to the knees and then to the thighs. Lymphatic drainage is activated with gentle movements, followed by active muscle kneading and vigorous rubbing. After such a massage, the skin becomes rosy, and a pleasant warmth and energy boost are felt.

Relaxation and Balance For the care of dry, thin, delicate skin or after stress, a more delicate, gentle remedy such as BIOKOSMA Body Oil Organic Wild Rose is suitable. Light, flowing grape seed oil reduces skin sensitivity, anti-aging rosehip seed oil promotes regeneration, and classic almond oil softens and nourishes. This product can be used for a soothing evening routine with smooth, slow massage movements. It’s a pleasant way to release daily tension and achieve a deeper sleep.

To Maintain Skin Elasticity An invigorating firming massage using BIOKOSMA Body Oil Organic Apricot Organic Honey can enhance the tone of mature, sagging skin. The combination of organic honey and sea buckthorn oil is an invigorating bioactive cocktail that awakens the skin’s hidden reserves. The blend of almond, jojoba, and corn oils gently maintains moisture balance. Pomegranate seed oil is known for its excellent rejuvenating effect. The COSNATURE Regeneration-Oil Pomegranate formula, based on this oil, helps eliminate minor age-related signs such as uneven pigmentation, flakiness, micro-inflammations, and stagnant spots.

Basic Care A universal combination of oils that can be recommended for almost everyone, regardless of age and skin type, is a blend of almond and coconut oils. Almond oil has a more pronounced nourishing, softening effect, while coconut oil is suitable for caring for oily and problematic skin, eliminating inflammation, and protecting against sunlight. In the formula COSNATURE Aroma-Therapy Oil Almond & Coconut, they have a harmonizing effect with a bright exotic aroma, uplifting the mood.