No time or opportunity for complex skincare routines


The need to look after a small child or an elderly relative, intensive studies, career growth, frequent trips – these are just some of the significant reasons why we are forced to abandon of multi-layered cosmetic care routines and reduce the number of jars on the bathroom shelf.

But all this is not a reason to sacrifice self-care and quality of life.


One of the famous cosmetic trends of recent years is minimalism. It takes into account not only our dynamic lifestyle, but also the need to reduce the financial costs of cosmetics and to optimize their ecological footprint. The key formula of the minimalist approach sounds like ‘less is more’. To feel well-groomed and confident, we do not need a variety of different formulations – just a few, but carefully selected and of impeccable quality are sufficient.

The total cleansing of the body and hair is offered by the absolutely natural formula of Naturea Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo. It contains an intensive natural moisturizer – prickly pear extract (opuntia). Organic spirulina provides the skin with a wide range of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, protects against toxins and free radicals, gives smoothness and radiance. This unique product acts so gently and delicately that it can be used to clean even sensitive facial skin, and do it under the shower – thus, saving both, time and effort.

However, it’s not worth giving up from nutritious body care. In fact, by applying body lotion, we also perform a small massage. Moreover, even 2-3 minutes of such contact with the body play an important role in maintaining emotional comfort, making us more prosperous and confident. One of the most pleasant and working options is Сosnature Body Lotion Wild Rose. It contains precious rosehip oil and Coenzyme Q10 – a combination that eliminates dryness and peeling, relieves irritation and redness, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

What to choose for facial care?

This product should be universal, hypoallergenic and solve several tasks at once – hydration, nutrition, protection, skin tone increase and improvement of its texture.

This is how 4 Elements for Life 24h Cream works.

Development by leading Italian experts in natural cosmetics, it protects the skin from various negative damaging factors – sun rays, heat, cold, wind, atmospheric pollution. Its protective function is realized with the help of powerful actives – organic aloe, hyaluronic acid of natural origin and pomegranate oil with its antioxidant properties



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