Comfort and smoothness of the skin after shaving largely depend on the choice of cosmetic products. Aggressive foaming agents or an excess of alcohol in formulas, as well as neglecting post-shave care, can lead to unwanted consequences such as redness, burning sensation, and tightness, as well as the appearance of flaky areas.

The best option for a comfortable shave is gentle natural products with soothing plant extracts. The choice here is very broad, and everyone can find something suitable – enthusiasts of classic straight razor shaving, advocates of safety razors, and those who prefer electric razors. A wide range is offered by the well-known German brand Speick. Speick’s cosmetic products are enriched with an extract of the rare alpine plant – Celtic valerian, which effectively relieves irritation, and its aroma imparts a sense of balance and well-being.

Luxury for gentlemen

The most traditional option is hard shaving soap, which, when lathered with a brush, produces a rich, dense, creamy lather. This is an essential attribute of shaving with a straight razor – a stylish and unhurried procedure that speaks to impeccable taste and respect for traditional heritage. Natural shaving soap contains glycerin, which moisturizes the skin. It foams due to soft vegetable surfactants based on coconut oil, so it does not lead to excessive drying of the skin.

Speick Men Active Shaving Soap



Daily Comfort

For a dynamic and thorough shave using a razor blade, a cream that easily lathers on the palm or directly on the face with a small amount of water is suitable. The soft composition not only ensures smooth blade glide but also provides sufficient skin care.


Speick Men Active Shaving Cream




An exceptionally convenient option is natural shaving foam. It is often chosen by practical-minded men who value the balance between speed and results. All that is required is to shake the can, press the pump, and get a wonderful, light, and fluffy foam. After shaving, any remaining foam can be easily rinsed off with water.


Speick Men Shaving Foam




Hemp Plus Hops

The German cosmetic brand GRN offers an effective range of products for natural wet shaving. Their formulation includes organic hemp oil, which delicately cares for the restoration of the skin barrier, and hop extract with antibacterial properties (which is why hops have become an essential component of beer). This care is particularly suitable for those with demanding, problematic skin.


GRN Shaving Cream Hemp&Hops

GRN After-Shave Balm Moisturizing Care Hemp&Hops





Secrets of Electric Shaving

Dry shaving with an electric razor has its advantages: the skin is not traumatized during this method, and the process of getting rid of stubble takes only a few minutes. To enhance the quality of shaving, it is worth using a special lotion with a natural composition before using an electric razor. It gently softens and lifts the hair, ensuring a cleaner cut. The natural essential oils in the formula refresh the skin and provide prevention against inflammation.


Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion




After Shaving: Lotion, Cream, or Balm?

After wet shaving, it is especially important to protect the skin because the sharp blade not only cuts the hair but also removes the top layer of skin cells. Depending on the skin type and shaving technique, this can cause more or less irritation. Even with dry shaving using an electric razor, it’s advisable not to forget about additional care – this will improve skin quality and create a confident sense of well-groomed appearance.

For many men, morning shaving is unthinkable without a fragrant aftershave lotion or cologne. How else to create that invigorating and fresh feeling with which it’s so pleasant to start the day? This is an excellent option if the skin is firm enough and not prone to irritation. A small amount of alcohol in such formulas cools and disinfects the skin, while plant extracts soften and heal micro-cuts.


Speick Men Active After Shave Lotion




For more sensitive and prone-to-irritation skin, alcohol-free care with a more pronounced soothing effect is preferable. In this case, a balm based on aloe vera and wound-healing herbs such as witch hazel and calendula works well.


Speick Men After Shave Balm Sensitive




If you want to additionally soften and smooth the skin, an effective solution is a light formula of an after-shave cream. It performs several tasks at once: eliminates irritation and tightness, restores the skin’s barrier functions, and gives the skin a pleasant fresh fragrance.


Speick Men Active Intensive Cream




And if signs of skin irritation after shaving appear, such as an unpleasant burning sensation, tingling, and itching, with redness on the skin – whether uniform or in patches?


The ideal assistant in this case is CoolAkut




CoolAkut Soothing Gel (Heel, Germany) instantly alleviates irritation, burning, and itching, thanks to plant extracts and essential oils with pronounced anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Calendula (Calendula officinalis) softens the skin and accelerates healing.
  • Nettle (Urtika urens) reduces burning.
  • Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia) promotes skin regeneration.
  • Labrador tea (Ledum palustre) reduces swelling.
  • Honey bee (Apis mellifica) is beneficial for redness and contact sensitivity.

The CoolAkut formula is enriched with moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E, as well as cooling and antiseptic essential oils. Applying the gel to the affected area provides instant relief. CoolAkut gel is successfully used to alleviate irritation, redness, and burning of various origins—not only after shaving but also after burns, sunburns, insect bites, and other minor skin injuries.