Premature age-related changes



Loss of skin elasticity, appearance of fine lines, vascular asterisks, uneven pigmentation, impure complexion. Dull, earthy skin appearance. Chronic fatigue, apathy, memory deterioration, and unstable mood.

Reduced joint mobility and the appearance of pain in the extremities.

The cause of all these unpleasant phenomena may be oxidative stress induced by free radicals. These highly reactive charged particles are formed in the body due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, living in a polluted environment, smoking, uncontrolled alcohol consumption, and the use of synthetic medications, as well as the presence of foci of chronic inflammation in the body. Free radicals damage collagen fibers, which are crucial for skin turgor and the elasticity of vascular walls. Moreover, they can harm cell membranes and nuclei, including those of the nervous system cells.


Protection against free radicals is achieved through the use of natural antioxidants that neutralize aggressive particles. The most effective strategy is a comprehensive approach, combining the intake of antioxidants internally with their external use in the form of cosmetic products.

Many natural antioxidants act in synergy, strengthening restoring each other. In plant tissues, antioxidants often serve as pigments that provide protection against scorching sunlight and other adverse conditions.



For internal action is an herbal complex food supplement KINITRO Astaxanthin Plus.

It contains three natural substances with powerful antioxidant properties. The powder of the red algae Haematococcus pluvialis is rich in plant-derived astaxanthin, a substance from the carotenoid class. Blueberry powder contains anthocyanins, pigments of blue color.

Mustard seed powder is a valuable source of the antioxidant element selenium. Thus, high effectiveness and a maximum spectrum of antioxidant action are achieved, as different antioxidants capture various types of free radicals.




For external action use COSMOETICA MiBuena Antioxidant cream, which based on pure oils, juices, and extracts of organic plants, with the addition of beeswax, colloidal gold, and silver. Valuable plant oils such as olive, grape seed, sesame, and shea saturate the skin with antioxidant and rejuvenating vitamin E.

The cream’s formula includes essential oils with the highest antioxidant activity, such as rosehip, geranium, frankincense, rosemary, and clove. Regular use of the cream literally transforms the skin: it becomes noticeably fresher and smoother, its tone evens out, and it is filled with inner radiance.