Natural brands are perfecting formulas of their cleansing products. Today, it is no longer enough for consumers to simply remove impurities from the skin with a regular foam or lotion; many also expect a noticeable effect of care. The German company Primavera, known for its organic essential oils and aroma cosmetics has offered a cleansing product with such dual-action, named Primavera Cleansing Oil – Calming & Softening. Organic oils of cucumber seeds, apricot kernels and hemp perfectly remove waterproof makeup, remnants of cosmetics and sunscreens, as well as excess skin sebum. In addition, Primavera Cleansing Oil softens and nourishes the skin, makes it more velvety and helps to retain natural moisture.

Consumer magazine Öko-Test (issue 4/2024) awarded Primavera Cleansing Oil – Calming & Softening the highest rating of “very good”. The study involved 20 facial cleansing oils that were tested for safety, effectiveness and the presence of critical ingredients. Representatives of the Primavera Company expressed their appreciation for the high rating and noted: “Our cleansing oil offers a unique combination of effectiveness and natural purity. This means that it does not contain harmful additives.”