Restlessness in a small child

The baby’s nervous system develops gradually, and a gentle oil massage can help with it.

Even if all the baby’s needs are met (he/she is fed, has a clean diaper, lies in a soft and cozy crib, and it’s warm and quiet around), he/she may show symptoms of restlessness – crying, spinning, twitching arms and legs, etc. The fact is that the baby’s nervous system develops gradually. It may take several months before it can establish a rhythmic regime with long sleep intervals and calm periods of wakefulness.

Solution: gently baby massage

Such a useful procedure as a baby massage with natural vegetable oils will help the child to get into an optimal rhythm faster.

Light touches allow to establish a connection with the child, relieving the overall tension, stimulating muscle activity, improving digestion, and even helping to compensate for slight developmental delays.


How to perform massage for infants correctly


The main rule is caring, gentleness and a positive environment. The room should be comfortable and warm – about 23°C (73°F). Before starting the procedure, you need to warm your palms – for example, by actively rubbing them against each other.
Avoid putting pressure on delicate baby skin; the primary movement is gentle strokes.Experienced mothers and grandmothers accompany the massage with kind words; you can turn on calm and soft music.

1) First, massage the baby’s hands and arms up to the shoulders, then the legs. Passive flexion and extension are performed slowly and smoothly. The circular strokes of the baby’s palms and feet stimulate reflexes, help to relax the whole body.
2) Then you can lay the baby on his tummy and gently stroke him on the back.
3) Turning the baby over on his back, perform gentle and careful circular movements around the navel in a clockwise direction.
PETIT&JOLIE Baby Massage Oil will perfectly complement a home session

A balanced combination of organic sunflower, jojoba and almond oils provides easy sliding of hands, absorbs well, nourishes and protects thin infant skin. The formula is enriched with natural vitamin E, which effectively relieves inflammations and heals micro damages. The gentle scent of natural vanilla creates an atmosphere of harmony, soothing both baby and adult.

There are no artificial preservatives, fragrances, or colorants in the composition of the oil; it is hypoallergenic and complies with the BDIH natural cosmetics standard.