Skin care for diabetes

With increased blood sugar content, the functions of many organs and systems are disrupted. Under the influence of glucose in tissues are formed dangerous compounds – the end products of accelerated glycation (AGE), leading to collagen denaturation. Which is known to be the main structural protein of the body; it provides firmness and elasticity of the skin, constriction and dilation of blood vessels. AGEs exhibit free radical activity, triggering in tissues processes of micro inflammation. They also suppress local immunity and disrupt the functions of cell membranes.

In people with diabetes, the skin becomes very dry, often leading to the formation of cracks. The sensitivity of the peripheral nerves is reduced; is felt numbness in the fingers and toes. Due to damage to the capillaries the regeneration processes slow down. It is very easy not to notice the appearance of a small crack, which can soon turn into a severe non-healing ulcer. Wounds on the feet and soles are especially easily infected (diabetic foot syndrome).


For diabetes it is obligatory very careful daily skin care of the whole body. It is not enough just to focus on the senses – a detailed visual inspection is necessary, especially in the area of the feet.

The German pharmacy brand of cosmetics named NUMIS® MED offers a UREA product line, which contains a powerful natural moisturizer – urea, as well as a lipid complex to support the barrier function of problem skin. It is important to note that this cosmetic has successfully passed dermatological testing and is recommended by dermatologists for patients with diabetes.

The delicate NUMIS® MED Urea 5% Shower Gel formula is designed for body washing. The gel is well tolerated even by the driest skin, does not cause a feeling of tightness and does not contain potentially irritating components, including synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

After taking a shower an intensive moisturizer NUMIS® MED Urea 5% Body Lotion needs to be applied to the whole body.

Special attention should be paid to foot care: they need to be inspected in the morning and evening, and then treated with a special softening and restorative NUMIS® MED Urea 25% Cracked Heel Cream. It is enriched with nourishing shea butter and chamomile essential oil for faster wound healing. Urea in high concentration not only moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity, but also serves as a keratolytic, softening the dense horny layer in the areas of calluses and corns. Regular use of the cream promotes the healing of old cracks and prevents new ones from forming. Another positive effect of the cream is neutralizing unpleasant odor.


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