Sleep quality improves by using natural essential oils


For our organism a sleep is such as air, water and food – the vital need. A night’s sleep – sufficient in duration, high-quality and deep – is very obligatory for rest. Moreover, by sleeping, there is deep processing of the information acquired throughout the day.

Stress, anxiety, physical, mental or emotional overload – all this often prevents from falling asleep or makes sleep intermittent, restless and shallow. As a rule, in youth we sleep soundly and sweetly, but sleep is disrupted with ages. Research shows that with certain aromatic substances is possible to restore a healthy, deep sleeping. At the threshold of falling asleep natural essential oils help to calm down, relieve stress, and create a soft emotional background.

Before bedtime expert’s advice to use one and the same scents to form the habit of falling asleep quickly and deeply. Essential oils of lavender, melissa, neroli, clary sage, basil and bergamot, which are known for their balancing and relaxing effect, are the best choice for bedroom aromatization.

They can be supplemented by soft aromas of vanilla, tonka beans and benzoin of siam. For aromatherapy suited only those aromas, that are perceived as pleasant and evoke positive associations.

About half an hour before bedtime it is recommended to turn on in the bedroom the aroma diffuser or light an aroma lamp with the selected oil, and directly before sleep turn off the devices. Great relaxing effect has a combination of organic essential oils of lavender, vanilla and neroli has, which became the basis of the ready-to-use aroma products named SLEEP COMFORT of Aroma comfort series the leading manufacturer of organic essential oils PRIMAVERA LIFE (GERMANY): the air fragrance spray Primavera Life Sleep Comfort can be applied directly to the pillow before going to bed, the blend of essential oils is convenient to use in an aroma lamp or aroma diffuser and When you apply to the neck and temples, this handy Primavera Life Sleep Comfort Organic Aroma Roll-on leaves a relaxing, comforting fragrance of 100 % Natural essential oils, promoting restorative sleep at home or when travelling.



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