Taut skin during pregnancy increases the risk of developing stretch marks


During pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen experiences significant pressure from the growing fetus. While the skin becomes more loose and elastic due to high levels of female hormones – estrogen, it also suffers from dryness. This is because the level of male hormones – androgens – noticeably decreases, which affects the activity of sebaceous glands, synthesis of skin lubrication, and ultimately, skin hydration.

In later stages, it often happens that skin elasticity reaches its maximum limit while the abdomen continues to expand. In this case, the dermis tears, resulting in red lines where its integrity is compromised. These lines are most commonly noticed around the navel. These small dermal tears heal after childbirth, fade, and turn into light-colored scars – stretch marks. They can also appear on the breasts when the mammary glands enlarge rapidly. Stretch marks are extremely difficult to eliminate, so it’s better to take preventive measures in time.


Daily abdominal massage with special oil.

For the prevention of stretch marks, additional skin care is necessary. Regular cosmetics may not be suitable here as they may contain components potentially harmful to the mother’s body and the health of the unborn child. For example, parabens (popular preservatives) increase the risk of excessive weight in infants, and phthalates, often used in cosmetic formulas as stabilizers, can cause cognitive impairments in the child.

It is recommended to use special cosmetics for pregnant women that have undergone safety testing and do not contain critical substances. To prevent stretch marks from the second half of pregnancy onwards, gentle daily massage of the abdomen and breasts with stretch mark oil or cream is advised. Movements should be very gentle and careful. Such a procedure is beneficial both as aesthetic care and as a soothing influence. Additionally, this massage enhances the mother’s contact with the unborn baby.


Anti Stretch Mark Oil (Petit&Jolie )




It contains almond and sunflower vegetable oils combined with extracts of lemon balm, boswellia, and rosemary.

This blend significantly increases skin elasticity, softens, nourishes, relieves itching, dryness, and tension.

Valuable plant oils help the skin retain moisture. Dermatological testing has confirmed the safety of this product. The experience of many women indicates that regular massage with its use improves skin quality, reduces the likelihood of stretch marks, and provides a sense of comfort.