The minimal cosmetic set for travel: what needs to be collected?


By flying only with carry-on bags, without luggage, you are being forced to consider the airline’s restrictions. As is known, for security reasons; they prohibit bringing standard packaging of liquid cosmetics and hygiene products on board, limiting the volume of liquids to 100 ml.

Taking into account these limits, how to compose a minimal but convenient “cosmetic capsule”, which would satisfy all skin and hair needs of hygiene and care?




In current situation, it is worth abandoning the usual multi-layered care routines and giving preference to multifunctional products. First of all it is important to pay attention to their quality, as they are supposed to be used intensively several times a day. Solid products are especially convenient, since they do not fall under the restrictions for liquids.

Alviana Shower soap argan oil – a universal solid product in bar format that replaces shampoo, shower gel and body lotion. Unlike many other solid shampoos, it does not dry out the skin and hair, providing them with exceptional comfort. The high content of valuable argan oil allows combining cleansing procedures with nutrition, hydration and care.



Our recommendations



cosnature Deo Roll On Water Lily – a pleasant and natural addition to any travel. It can be taken everywhere due to small volume. In the bustle of airports its delicate scent will support good mood, and on long-term transfers its persistent refreshing effect is absolutely necessary.



4 Elements for Life 24h Cream – a premium quality natural antioxidant cream – helps to cope with the typical problems of travelers: over-drying of the skin due to conditioners and free-radical stress, caused to increased radiation at high altitude. Organic aloe gives the skin deep hydration and a feeling of comfort. Pomegranate seed oil catch free radicals, protecting the skin from damage and slowing down the aging process.

The formula works equally well both day and night. And when the travel will come to an end, this cream becomes the perfect protection from UV rays, smog, heat or cold.