Tired back, back pain


To keep the body in an upright position, we use many large and small muscles that work strictly coordinated. Primarily, these are the muscles of the back. Sedentary work or prolonged periods of forced immobility (for example, during an air flight or a car trip) may violate their verified balance of tension and relaxation. Especially suffered are those muscles that are in a chronically tense position. Even after changing their posture, it can be hard for them to relax, and we feel a nagging back pain. Similar feelings occur also after psychological stress, for example, in the evening of a difficult working day. One more reason for acute back pain – an unsuccessful movement which causes a sharp muscle spasm (for example, during training, when lifting weights, etc.).




To give rest to tired and aching back muscles, it is best to start with a relaxing bath using BIOKOSMA Bath Balsam Lemon Balm (Switzerland). Warm water creates a feeling of comfort and safety, warms the muscles and helps relieve the tension. The scent of lemon balm calms the nervous system and promotes muscle relaxation.



Our recommendations


DUL-X Back Relax Gel-Crème (Switzerland)

Then, the relaxing effect can be deepened with DUL-X Back Relax Gel-Crème (Switzerland). A unique product with a light texture specifically created to relieve discomfort in the back area. It contains a pain-relieving extract of arnica, cooling menthol and warming up plant derivatives. Its complex action allows to quickly eliminate pain and tension in the back, shoulders and neck. At the same time, there is no skin irritation and burning sensation.





COSMOETICA MiSol Arnica Local Comforting Lotion (Spain)

Pain is always a psychological and energetic discomfort. To relieve pain stress, apply spot COSMOETICA MiSol Arnica Local Comforting Lotion (Spain) to problem areas, as well as to the temples and wrists. Organic spray with birch sap, essential oils, colloidal forms of gold and silver is created to increase psychological and physical stability, to protect against external and internal negative influences.


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