To cope with the sun damage – body and skin need active help

Sun rays bring not only warmth and light, but also a considerable damaging potential. The ultraviolet part of the solar spectrum has high energy, and our skin perceives it first. Under the influence of ultraviolet light is triggered a cascade of photochemical reactions, during which dangerous charged particles – free radicals – are formed. They disrupt the integrity of cell membranes, cause pathological changes in collagen fibers and lead to premature aging of the skin. The most serious risk falls on the share of cell nuclei: free radicals can damage the chromosomes that store hereditary information, and then the cell can transform into a malignant one.

Signs of ultraviolet damage:

  • Sunburn: redness, puffiness, soreness.
  • Pigmented spots, especially in areas where the integrity of the epidermis is impaired. Such damage accumulates, and with age forms multiple hyperpigmentation – keratomas, lentigo, etc.
  • Persistent skin redness, dilated capillaries, vascular asterisks and spiders (teleangiectasia).
  • Dryness and roughness of the skin, reducing its elasticity, photoaging.



Tanning – the active synthesis of the skin pigment melanin – is an evolutionary mechanism of protection against excess ultraviolet. Children and people with light-skin do not tan well; therefore, they should keep out of the sun especially carefully. But even dark-skinned people should not rely entirely on the protective potential of the skin. The most reliable will be the use of quality solar cosmetics with a high sun protection factor. SPF means how much the product prolongs the safe stay in the sun.

To protect the face and body, it is better to give preference to well-distributed lotions of light texture with SPF 30.

The maximum protection factor – SPF 50 – is necessary where the skin is damaged or atypical (for example, in areas of scratches, redness, previous sunburn, moles). Chemical solar filters, widely used today, recently have been receiving critical reviews – both because of their irritating ability and of the damage, caused to marine and freshwater ecosystems. There are physical sunscreens such as zinc and titanium oxides that are safer, but most containing them products leave on the skin white traces. Grinding their particles to nano-sizes solves this problem, but there are too easily and uncontrollably penetrating into the deep layers of the skin and bloodstream, therefore is prohibited in cosmetics by European legislation.




Our recommendations


The German organic brand I+M Naturkosmetik Berlin has developed an advanced natural sun protection technology. Its high effectiveness is ensured by the combination of mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide) with containing natural photoprotectors karanja oil.

Sun Protect line includes body products (Sun Lotion 30 and Sun Spray 50) and face products (Facial Sun Cream 30 and Tinted Sun Care Face 30). 

All are universal, that is, suitable for adults and children, for people with any skin tone. The formulas are well-balanced: they do not leave white traces on the skin, and also do not contain nano-particles. Water-resistant compositions are environmentally friendly, and no harm to marine and freshwater ecosystems, as well as coral reefs.

After a sun bath, it is recommended to use restorative After Sun Gel with organic aloe, plant hyaluronic acid and bisabolol.

To help the body more easily cope with excess free radicals, ration can be enriched with antioxidant food supplements. One of the best natural options is astaxanthin, a substance from the group of carotenoids. This not only reliably prevents damage to cells by free radical, but also gives the tan shade an attractive and golden hue.

The German brand KINITRO offers a comprehensive antioxidant supplement Astaxanthin Plus. It is a blend of dried algae Haematococcus pluvialis, exceptionally rich in plant astaxanthin, with other powerful natural antioxidants – blueberry powder, containing anthocyanins, and mustard powder – a source of selenium.

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