Organic cosmetics as an integral part of a modern healthy lifestyle!

Today’s cosmetics industry is a real jungle, where the trend of returning to naturalness and eco-lifestyle is becoming more and more evident. And in this trend, organic cosmetics is not just a direction of the beauty industry, it is a whole philosophy. Conscientious manufacturers are thinking about the future of our planet. And this path is not naive, but truly advanced. In addition to the usual cosmetics on the shelves of stores appear natural and organic. Cosmetics, the raw materials for which are produced in ecologically clean areas without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and parabens, are more popular today than ever. Everything should be natural in it – from the product itself to the packaging.

Eco philosophy is actively gaining popularity. Taking care of the environment has become a matter of course. Organic cosmetics is not just fashion, it is a reasonable and careful approach to health and beauty.

Combining the forces of nature and the effectiveness of application achieved through the use of modern technologies organic cosmetics act on the skin in a completely different way. Natural components do not contradict the natural processes of skin restoration and hydration, but simply gently regulate them, preserving health. As part of organic cosmetics, real delicacies for the skin are vegetable oils (avocado, coconut, almond, wheat germ, apricot kernel), extracts of herbs and plants, aloe vera, essential oils, vegetable collagen, hyaluronic acid. Thanks a better affinity with the skin such cosmetics are perceived much more actively, act more effectively and are absolutely non-toxic.

Most importantly fact for quite widespread in Europe “natural” and “organic” cosmetics – existence a solid legislative base.

The COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is the most stringent of all European standards. It not only regulates the processes of growing plant raw materials and creating cosmetics, but also comprehensively takes into account the impact of production processes and final products on the environment. Products certified according to the COSMOS standard are marked with the COSMOS ORGANIC (organic cosmetics) or COSMOS NATURAL (natural cosmetics) signs in combination with the logo of the COSMOS member organization that issues the certificate (BDIH, Cosmebio, Soil Association, ICEA, Ecocert).

The COSMOS ORGANIC standard assumes that 95% of plant ingredients must be of organic origin, while at least 20% of the mass (for indelible products) must consist of organic ingredients. These ingredients must be grown in an ecologically clean place, without the use of any toxic fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, growth regulators and antibiotics. The equipment used to make cosmetics should be harmless. No more than 5% of components synthesized in laboratory conditions are allowed, but only from the list regulated by the standard. The production cycle of organic cosmetics should not harm the environment. COSMOS NATURAL does not regulate the mandatory proportion of organic components, but strictly limits the list of permissible technological processes and imposes special requirements for the environmental friendliness of packaging.

The COSMOS standard is guided by four core principles:

  • Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture and respecting biodiversity.
  • Using natural resources responsibly and respecting the environment.
  • Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment.
  • Integrating and developing the concept of green chemistry.

The COSMOS-standard covers in detail all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products. Certification Bodies inspect each of these aspects when certifying an organic or natural product. Organic cosmetics are usually tested not only for safety, but also for effectiveness.

During the production of organic cosmetics, it is forbidden to conduct any tests on animals. Similarly, animal products obtained as a result of harming animals are not allowed in the composition.

The packaging of organic cosmetics must be recyclable or biodegradable, should not harm nature.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of natural cosmetics in the world will grow.

In the meantime Naturea website offer to start exploring the diverse world of high-quality and effective organic and natural cosmetics from the following European brands:

  • Alviana (Germany): budget-friendly and high-quality everyday cosmetic products with organic ingredients inside, including baby line, tooth care products, body oils, lip balms and soaps.
  • Ayluna (Germany): become popularity thanks to the saturated shades of persistent harmless plant-based hair dyes and plant shampoos.
  • Cosmoetica (Spain): premium products, which are made according to biodynamic principles in accordance with natural biorhythms, including lunar cycles. Consists of face and body skin care, hair care products and bestseller – calming local spray with Arnica.
  • Cosnature (Germany): a wide range of products for naturally skin cleansing and care, including line for men, children’s tooth care, tooth care products, liquid hand soaps, lip balms.
  • GRN (Germany): creates modern products for full harmless life in a green, eco-friendly world among them tooth care line, kids, men line, face masks, shampoos and etc.
  • Petit&Jolie (Holland): care for infants, comfort for parents, and protection for nature.
  • Biokosma (Switzerland): all cosmetics are made from Swiss plants and include 5 different lines for cleansing and care all types of facial skin, men’s care line, gentle cleansing and body care, natural hair care line.
  • Speick (Germany): become popularity thanks to the pure plant oil based soaps and a wide variety of cosmetic lines for everyone. Almost all products contain a unique plant named speick (Valeriana celtica) and known to bring balance to the body and mind.
  • 4 Elements for life (Italy): premium quality effective line empowered by hyaluronic acid.
  • KINITRO (Germany): useful natural, organic and herbal food supplements with CoEnzym Q10 and vitamin C, DHA, Magnesium, Iodine, Astaxanthin and Selenium, microalgae Bio Spirulina, rich in vitamins and iron.

Here everyone will definitely find something suitable and healthy for himself!