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BIO – organic ingredients inside

A small German company specializing in natural cosmetics has been in business since 2006. Its motto is to produce high-quality everyday products that are gentle on the skin, provide full nourishment and care. ALVIANA is committed to the customer interests, animal rights, and environmental protection.

A dedicated team of enthusiasts, fueled by inspiration, oversees all stages of raw material selection, production, transportation, and marketing. ALVIANA’s formulas are created with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of skin biology and cutting-edge cosmetic industry technologies in mind.

Budget-friendly and high-quality

It’s important that affordable prices make this cosmetics suitable for almost any customer. This way, natural skin and hair care is transformed from an occasional luxury into a daily necessity, ultimately improving the quality of life. Affordable prices are achieved by refusing expensive advertising, and secondly, through the synergy of mutually beneficial partnerships, such as in production and logistics.

Natural and Organic Certifications

Ingredients and product lines:

Wild Rose:

One of the most valuable plants for gentle care of dry and damaged skin. The delicate oil from wild rose fruits enhances the skin’s protective potential, softens, and provides a velvety and elastic feel.

Organic Cucumber:

The main advantage of the cosmetic line Fresh & Clean, designed for oily, problem skin, is a thorough natural cleansing without damaging the lipid barrier and enriching the skin with valuable vitamins and bioactives. This is the key to proper care that helps normalize sebum production, making the skin smoother, more radiant, and fresher.

Aloe Vera:

An unmatched moisturizer that helps normal and combination skin resist negative external factors such as heat, cold, and ultraviolet rays. It creates conditions for the optimal functioning of natural biological mechanisms.

Organic Olive:

The cosmetic base of the Simply Pure line provides the most gentle care for sensitive and stressed skin without the risk of irritation. (изменен порядок) It restores the damaged lipid barrier of the skin, reduces the feeling of tightness and makes the skin softer.  It is supplemented by plant-derived bisabolol, which soothes the skin, reduces redness and burning sensations.

Coenzime Q10 and Aronia:

They are part of the Ageless Q10 product line for mature skin. As we age, the functional cells of the skin work less efficiently that leads to visible signs of aging – loss of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles, deterioration in complexion and a decrease in local immunity. Intensive natural care helps the skin activate its natural regeneration processes and return to a youthful state of functioning.

Body Care:

A variety of products for daily body hygiene, softening and moisturizing. Bright, fresh scents of natural fruits, flowers and precious oils for a splendid mood and self-care. 

Hair Care:

Modern products in liquid and solid forms for revitalizing care and solutions to typical hair and scalp problems.