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Natural cosmetics made from Swiss plants

Under the BIOKOSMA brand, natural cosmetics for the face, body, and hair have been produced since 1935. All cosmetic products are created using authentic Swiss organic plants that have exceptionally beneficial effects on the skin.

Switzerland is rightfully known as a resort country. The healing mountain air, crystal-clear glacial water sources, a love for simple, healthy food and walks among incredible landscapes make the Swiss the healthiest nation in Europe.

The Alpine Character

Wild plants from the high-altitude Alpine regions are particularly valuable for the skin. Here, at high elevations, trees cannot grow, and it is challenging for herbs to survive due to significant temperature fluctuations, strong winds, poor soil, and intense ultraviolet radiation. To adapt to these harsh conditions, Alpine plants produce special substances – bioprotectors and natural reparants – which allow them to grow intensively and recover quickly even after destructive storms.

Swiss Quality - A Source of Pride

Since its inception, BIOKOSMA has always emphasized the high quality of raw materials and finished cosmetics. All brand products are developed in Zurich and manufactured in the mountainous regions of Switzerland (in Toggenburg and Jura). This approach helps reduce carbon emissions and transportation costs, contributing to the preservation of Switzerland’s unique natural environment. The plants are cultivated in organic plantations, harvested and processed in the most gentle way possible to save the maximum of useful components. Production processes adhere to sustainability criteria and widely employ circular, zero-waste schemes.

Active ingredients of Swiss plants

BIOKOSMA uses carefully selected plant raw materials, preferably from the highest quality Swiss organic crops. They are processed gently in accordance with the latest achievements while adhering to ecological criteria

Reliability and Safety: Dermatologically Tested

The good compatibility of BIOKOSMA products with various skin types has been confirmed by independent dermatological studies.

Rejection of Artificial Ingredients and Questionable Practices

The preservation of BIOKOSMA products is fully ensured by natural preservatives and does not contain synthetic colorants. Additionally, they do not contain mineral oils, silicones, paraffins, microplastics and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Laboratory research and production of finished products are conducted without animal testing.

Cosmetic lines for facial skin

Pure Visage – for oily blemished skin. With organic cornflower extract

 Basic Visage – for normal and combination skin. With organic cucumber extract from Bernese Seeland 

Sensitive Visage – for sensitive skin. With organic lemon balm extract from Valais

Active Visage – for mature, demanding skin. With organic sunflower extract from Thurgau

Vital Visage – for very mature skin. With organic butterfly bush (buddleja) extract from Valais

Men’s Care – for men’s skin. With organic flax and organic hops extracts

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