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Cosmoetica: beauty in harmony with the cosmos

Premium new organic cosmetics produced by the Equisalud holistic phytotherapy laboratory (Spain). All Cosmoetica products are made from high-quality plant ingredients grown organically according to biodynamic principles. 

Biodynamics is a natural method of agriculture in which all production operations are carried out as naturally as possible, without mechanical intervention and in accordance with natural biorythms, including lunar cycles.

Cosmoetica is:

Unique formulations created with the involvement of precious plant extracts and oils, organic birch sap, colloidal gold and colloidal silver.

Only active ingredients

The brand’s cosmetic products do not contain conventional technical ingredients such as emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances, etc. To transform the oil mixtures into the creamy formulations, pure beeswax is added to the formulas. Colloidal silver and essential oils ensure the long-term preservation.

Unusual rich textures and vibrant natural fragrances

Three-step skincare:

Cosmoetica products improve the appearance, provide the necessary nutrition and optimize the metabolic processes of the skin.


Cosmoetica formulas are tailored to individual needs, making them suitable for different skin types. A relatively small range of products can meet the most diverse demands.

Beneficial effects on the entire body:

Detox, anti-stress, anti-aging effect.

The key ingredients of Cosmoetica are:

Various plant substances obtained from the different parts of the birch tree at different times of the year:  birch sap, leaf extracts, bud extracts, bark extracts. Birch is a pioneering tree that is one of the first to inhabit the areas damaged by disturbances or fires.

Therefore, the derivatives of birch have a tremendous nutritional and regenerative potential. In addition, Cosmoetica extensively include olive oil, grape seed oil, musk rose oil, arnica extracts, elderberry extracts, sage extracts, calendula extracts, essential oils such as rosemary, bitter orange, frankincense, juniper, beeswax, and propolis into its formulations.

Who is cosmetic care by Cosmoetica particularly suitable for?

🟩 for everyone who considers skincare as a part of a healthy lifestyle,

🟩 for individuals with demanding skin,

🟩 for people with chronic health conditions,

🟩 for those who experience weakness and fatigue,

🟩 for those living in stressful and polluted environments.