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Naturally, Effectively, Comfortably

A dynamically developing brand of natural cosmetics produced in Germany by Cosmolux.

The advantages of COSNATURE lie in the extensive capabilities of a large enterprise with its own cutting-edge laboratories and extensive production, all combined with a full efficiency concept. With 40 years of experience in the cosmetics market, the company is able to create interesting and affordable products that align with current trends and consumer demands.


(NATRUE) – Сertified natural cosmetics

(VEGAN) – Vegan cosmetics

(FSC, Forest Stewardship Council) – Paper packaging made from environmentally friendly wood

Organic raw materials are grown under full control.

A significant portion of organic oils and plant extracts is used in COSNATURE cosmetics.

This means that plant materials are either grown on controlled plantations without chemicals, or collected in the wild without harm to nature.

During the cultivation and harvesting, workers receive fair wages, green energy and safe transportation are used, and special measures are taken to protect the environment and promote the social development of the regions. All this ensures the exceptional quality of the obtained plant substances and their high biological activity.

Vegan cosmetics without any ingredients of animal origin

Under the auspices of the reputable Vegan Society (United Kingdom), all finished products are thoroughly tested to ensure the absence of any ingredients of animal origin: cosmetic ingredients, auxiliary or intermediate substances, as well as to exclude animal testing.

To achieve this, each component of each formula is carefully scrutinized.

German quality, European values

All COSNATURE products are manufactured at own factory in Germany. The tradition of the highest German quality continues in the efficient and economical formulas of COSNATURE.

Our rational approach to the use of natural resources encourages COSNATURE specialists to explore new ways to optimize production and improve logistical and marketing schemes.



It is known for its rejuvenating and protective properties. Pomegranate pulp is rich in antioxidants, which help the skin to cope with negative external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, toxic emissions, or cigarette smoke.

Shea butter

Extracted from African nuts by gentle cold-pressing method, it is rich in valuable lipids and closely resembles the lipid barrier of human skin. By consistency, it resembles creamy butter, melts on the skin and promotes its regeneration.

Avocado oil

Contains a wide range of healthy fatty acids, a significant amount of vitamins and other bioactive compounds. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, restores damaged hair, making it vibrant, manageable and shiny.


It is known for its healing properties, and its extract contains carotenoids, flavonoids, organic acids and natural sun-protective substances. It improves the condition of dry skin with wounds and cracks, frequently exposed to water and irritating agents.

Poppy Seed Oil

With a high content of trilinoleic and other unsaturated fatty acids. It creates a silky feeling on the skin, absorbs easily and provides a long-lasting nourishing effect.

Universal facial skincare:

Anti-aging Serum Pomegranate

Eye Cream Pomegranate

Universal Face Cream Pomegranate

Hydro Serum Water lily

Purity and gentleness for body skin:

Energy Shower Gel Lime & Mint

Shower Direct-Foam-Pump Hibiscus Flower

Body Butter Tonkabean & Karité Butter

Body Butter Lemongrass

Shine and elasticity for damaged hair:

Repair-Shampoo Avocado & Almond

Repair-Conditioner Avocado & Almond

Flawless hand skin:

Hand Cream Poppy & Hemp

Hand Cream Avocado & Lime

Hand Cream Calendula