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Care for infants, comfort for parents, protection for nature.

Something that is pure should stay that way…

A small brand of natural baby cosmetics was founded in the Netherlands in 2013. Its founder is Esther Keddeman, a mother of two children. Her goal was to create high-quality, safe, and convenient cosmetics for newborn care and offer parents formulations they could trust.

Balanced formulas were specially designed for delicate care of infants’ and pregnant women’s tender skin. Thoughtfully selected combinations of natural ingredients ensure comprehensive cosmetic care without harming the environment. The formulations are straightforward and intuitive that reduces the risk of allergies in children and increases parents’ trust.

The colorful packaging is very convenient, allowing you to instantly and accurately pick up the right product from the shelf.

This is especially important for families with multiple children and busy parents who always have limited time.


The features of a newborn’s skin are quite distinct.

When babies are born, their skin:

☀️ Very Thin: It is extremely thin, about five times thinner than an adult’s skin.

☀️ Dry: Newborns have dry skin because their sebaceous glands are not yet active, which means that moisture is not effectively retained in the epidermis.

☀️ Permeable: Their skin is permeable, making it easy for cosmetic components to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

☀️ Actively Breathing: A newborn skin actively breathes, and it plays a crucial role in temperature regulation.

☀️ Sensitive: The skin is highly sensitive as the baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed.

Because a newborn’s skin is not yet fully formed, there are heightened requirements for baby skincare products. These products need to be nutritious and contain only pure, natural ingredients close in quality to organic food. Due to the active skin breathing, it’s important to keep the skin clean and avoid using heavy, thick cosmetic products that create a barrier on its surface.

Enjoy Bath Time

As your child grows and becomes more active, they tend to get messier. That’s why daily baths are considered essential from an early age. Since baby skin is naturally delicate, it’s important not to use regular soap as it can dry it out.

PETIT&JOLIE offers safe and gently foaming hygiene products made with coconut oil. For extra dry skin, you can also try Petit&Jolie Baby Bath Oil.

After bath time, we recommend using Petit&Jolie Baby Body Lotion to keep your little one’s skin soft and moisturized.

Infant Massage: Multifaceted Benefits

Massage with natural oil has numerous advantages:

It’s an ideal procedure for establishing close contact with your baby. Massage stimulates the development of muscles, ligaments, bone tissue, and the nervous system. It can help reduce colic. It improves sleep, making the baby calmer. It’s simply very pleasant for both the baby and the mother!

PETIT&JOLIE believes that massage is one of the most important newborn care procedures, that is why we offer a special product – Petit&Jolie Baby Massage Oil.

The future of children is the future of the planet

The creators of PETIT&JOLIE strive for their cosmetics not only to support children’s health but also to be environmentally friendly.

They pay great attention to ensuring that all processes – production, use, and subsequent disposal of cosmetic products – occur in harmony with nature. The brand does not use mineral oils, petroleum-derived products, parabens, aggressive foaming agents, synthetic dyes or preservatives.


Organic plant oils of almond, apricot kernels, sunflower, sesame, jojoba.

Organic extracts of calendula, sea buckthorn, rosemary, chamomile, sage, vanilla.

For bathing newborns:

Petit&Jolie Baby Hair&Body Shampoo

Petit&Jolie Baby Bath Oil

For newborn skincare:

Petit&Jolie Baby Body Lotion

Petit&Jolie Baby Nourishing Cream

Petit&Jolie Baby Diaper Cream

Petit&Jolie Baby Massage Oil

For adults:

Petit&Jolie Anti Stretch Mark Oil

Petit&Jolie Hand Soap