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The company Speick Naturkosmetik (Germany) was founded in 1928 by the prominent German nature researcher, thinker and businessman Walter Rau.

The company’s first product was a natural soap based on coconut oil and extract of speick (Valeriana celtica) – a unique plant known to bring balance to the body and mind. Today the company has become one of the leaders in the European natural cosmetics market. Under the brand SPEICK, a variety of natural soap types are produced, as well as a wide range of products for hygiene and beauty, created with care for both humans and nature.

The Philosophy of SPEICK

The key concept of SPEICK is the balance between the quality of cosmetic care, product affordability, care for nature and humanistic ideals. SPEICK cosmetics are produced according to strict sustainability and ecological safety standards.

The company’s conscientious production and trading practices take into account the interests of local farmers and support natural systems. Importantly, SPEICK products are crafted with consideration for the consumer – they provide the opportunity for each person to experience moments of happiness and relaxation, all without sacrificing richness and intensity in life while maintaining high personal effectiveness.

Natural soap by SPEICK

achieving perfection

Ordinary handwashing with SPEICK soap turns into an extraordinary experience. An exceptionally gentle lather caresses the skin, while a delicate natural scent creates a moment of harmony amid the everyday rush. After washing, the skin doesn’t suffer from dryness, remaining smooth and enriched with nutrients.

After all, SPEICK soap is based on pure olive, coconut and palm oils. The plant-based raw materials are cultivated exclusively on organic plantations, without harming the environment.

Speick Original Soap is the brand’s bestseller, an exceptionally gentle natural soap with an unforgettable aroma, made according to a recipe in 1928.

Doctor’s Soap – a soap with vegetable oils for frequent handwashing.

Bionatur –  a natural soap with vegetable oils and organic plant extracts.

Hair + Body Soap Bar – an eco-friendly and natural soap with vegetable oils for washing hair and body, a solid alternative to liquid shampoos and shower gels.

Wellness Soap – a luxurious natural soap for spa treatments at home.

Happiness is a Little Soap Bar – a gentle shower and bath soap made from pure vegetable oils and fragrant essential oils. Enriched with plant-based moisturizers for additional skin care.

SPEICK Natural Cosmetics:

elegant minimalism for everyone

The minimalist, compact and carefully developed SPEICK recipes allow for impressive aesthetic results without allergic risks.

The brand’s products are suitable for people of different ages and skin types. This is achieved by using carefully selected, sometimes even rare and exotic ingredients.

Key Ingredients of SPEICK

Valeriana celtica (speick) – an endemic aromatic plant of the Nockberge alpine region. To adapt to the harsh high-altitude conditions, speick accumulates a fragrant essential oil in its roots.

The aroma of speick has a unique balancing effect: it provides resilience in stressful situations and relaxes muscles, yet without causing drowsiness or lethargy. Moreover, clear and sharp thinking is maintained. Cosmetic products containing speick extract not only care for the skin, but also provide emotional comfort and contribute to a comprehensive improvement in the quality of life.

The thermal water of Schlangenbad is exceptionally rich in silicon compounds, which stimulate skin regeneration processes, aid wound healing, and improve skin elasticity and firmness. It is used to care for hypersensitive and atopic skin.

The plant complex based on Phragmites Karka (Latin: Phragmites Karka) and Poria Cocos mushroom (Latin: Poria cocos) is an innovative ingredient for moisturizing, boosting immunity and skin regeneration. It helps the skin resist the negative effects of the external environment (UV radiation, high temperatures, dryness).

Alaria extract intensely hydrates the skin, protects it from environmental stressors and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in the dermis.

Ubiquinone – a substance involved in energy exchange reactions and an antioxidant. It has anti-aging and skin-lightening properties.

Aloe gel – a versatile hypoallergenic, moisturizing, regenerating and protective ingredient. Equally suitable for skin care of all types.

Cosmetic Lines by SPEICK:

Original – natural hypoallergenic care for all skin types. Impressive effects and an unforgettable harmonizing aroma based on the classic 1928 scent composition.

Natural Activ – modern organic head-to-toe care with active natural components and a fresh herbal fragrance.

Thermal Sensitiv – gentle regenerative care for face and body, including sensitive skin.. With silicon-rich thermal water and Atlantic algae to maintain the skin’s natural barrier and optimal protection from external aggressors.

Organic 3.0 – uncompromisingly eco-friendly body hygiene cosmetics with innovative minimalist formulas. Free from fragrances, palm oil, and in biodegradable packaging.

Pure – extra gentle natural body and hair care suitable for even the most demanding skin. Alcohol-free, dye-free and fragrance-free. Gentle scents are provided by vanilla, pineapple and grapefruit fruit extracts.

Men – a classic men’s line for comfortable shaving and natural care for face and body. Strengthens the skin barrier functions and reduces allergy risks. With an expressive, refreshing and invigorating masculine fragrance.

Men Active – modern care for men’s facial and body skin – a natural energy boost for an active daily life.Effective natural ingredients provide shaving comfort, moisturization and maintenance of skin barrier functions throughout the day.


SPEICK has received numerous awards and recognitions for its commitment to sustainability, quality and innovation.

2011: Silver medal “Sustainable Manufacturer” from the German Consumers Association.

2013: Recognized as Germany’s most sustainable brand.

2014: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award from the German Federal Government in the category “Small Companies with 1-49 Employees”.

2015: Silver medal “Sustainable Manufacturer” from the German Consumers Association.

2016: Thermal Sensitive Deo Stick received the Best New Product Award at the International Trade Fair for Natural Cosmetics VIVANESS in the Body Care category.

2016: Natural Active Shampoo with caffeine from organic guarana received the Best New Product Award at VIVANESS in the Hair Care category.

2017: Organic 3.0 body lotion received the Best New Product Award at VIVANESS in the Body Care category.

2020: Face and body soaps (White Soap, Green Soap, Red Soap) made by Speick received the Best New Product Award at VIVANESS in the Face Care category.

2020: PURE Shampoo received the Best New Product Award at VIVANESS in the Hair Care category.

These awards show Speck’s ongoing commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable and innovative natural cosmetics.