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Modern natural formulas for rejuvenating anti-aging skincare for all skin types. A superb combination of natural vitamin C, derived from organic Italian citrus, along with rare plant ingredients, provides wrinkle smoothing, facial rejuvenation, intensive skin recovery, and regeneration.

VIT C+: Innovative Care for Radiant Skin

🟨 Ultra Cream for daily facial care 

🟨 Ultra Mask for intensive nighttime care 

🟨 Ultra Skin for refreshing body and hand care 

Vitamin C: What makes it super powerful?

One of the most relevant and sought-after ingredients in natural cosmetics, vitamin C literally transforms the skin, filling it with radiance and freshness. This indispensable substance participates in many crucial reactions that contribute to the well-being and flawless appearance of the skin:

Antioxidant: Protects skin cells from ultraviolet damage and premature aging.

Collagen synthesis cofactor: Provides skin elasticity and tone, smoothing wrinkles.

Lightens pigmented spots and evens out skin tone.

Synergistic Effect

In VIT C+ cosmetic products, each property of vitamin C is enhanced by the action of partner ingredients. Rare extracts of moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia) and sea lily (Pancratium maritimum), combined with bakuchiol, enhance dermal elasticity. Fresh aloe gel, caper and prickly pear extracts, cold-pressed olive oil provide the skin with healthy nutrition, allowing it to function optimally and look its best.

Cosmetics for Bright Emotions

VIT C+ cosmetic products not only offer quality skin care but also provide a special emotional engagement. Gentle textures, the sensation of instant relaxation on the skin, and an exquisite fragrance contribute to a unique emotional experience.

In Harmony with Nature

A significant portion of the plant-based ingredients used in VIT C+ formulas is cultivated on organic plantations in Southern Italy. The favorable climate and environmental purity create ideal conditions for obtaining high concentrations of biological actives. VIT C+ products do not contain artificial ingredients or additives that could disrupt the skin’s natural functions.