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With love for nature and people

Primavera Life GmbH (Germany), a major manufacturer of organic essential oils, aromatherapy cosmetics and aroma products for health and well-being, is a world-famous company. Since its foundation in 1986, the company develops a unique holistic approach in which incredibly high product quality consists of many equally important aspects:

The heart of Primavera Life Company is its headquarters in the Bavarian Alps. This incredibly beautiful, eco-friendly and multifunctional building embodies the motto of the founders of the company “Primavera Life – an energy field of light, aroma and joy.” The project is based on advanced ideas of eco-friendly architecture and traditional principles of Feng Shui. Modern production lines and scientific laboratories are coexisting with aromatherapy training classrooms, and elegant design solutions help preserve natural resources. Around the Primavera Life building has been created a rich garden of aromatic plants, which has become a center of attraction for everyone interested in aromatherapy.

Primavera Life products do not contain artificial components, including synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, genetically modified substances, and ingredients of animal origin. Up to 90% of the plant raw materials used are grown according to strict standards. Primavera Life cosmetics are certified according to the natural NaTrue standard, most essential oils are organic.

The high quality of Primavera Life essential oils is the result of many years of friendly and business relationships with responsible bio farmers in different countries. Each crop is grown in its optimal geographical area, using organic methods, without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. To Germany come only those batches of oils that naturally contain the right amount of biologically active substances. If the season for some plant turned out to be unsuccessful, then the supply of oil from it is reduced.

Primavera Life aroma products

Essential oils

Natural essential oils of impeccable quality with high biological activity, 85% of them are certified by Organic and Demeter. To meet quality criteria, the company develops direct partnerships with bio farmers around the world and implements strict control over the cultivation and processing of raw materials from seeds to final products.

Blends of essential oils, including sprays

There are offered both in the form of compositions of pure essential oil and in the form of aroma spray, helping to regulate emotions. Citrus blends improve mood and give vitality, floral blends give spiritual harmony, herbal blends gently and deeply relax.

Aroma blends of essential oils are suitable for use in aroma lamps, diffusers and any aroma carriers. The advantages of aroma sprays of essential oils are instant results and ease of use. Special children’s aroma sprays of essential oils are particularly successful – for productive studies, for fun games, for self-confidence.

Line of products Comfort

It is designed to improve the quality of life and solve specific well-being problems: it helps to alleviate the symptoms of colds, cope with discomfort during menopause; it is easier to fall asleep and get rid of muscle and joint pain.

Facial cosmetics

Aroma cosmetics for various types’ gentle skin care with simultaneous delicate impact on the psychological sphere. Each formula is an optimal combination of organic essential oil and carrier base vegetable oil, affecting beneficially on the skin condition.

Body cosmetics

Luxurious products for comprehensive skin care turn usual hygiene procedures into a real spa adventure with balanced natural aromas, providing double benefit for both the skin and mood.

Pure vegetable oils

Have premium quality and can be used both as independent skin care product and as carrier base oil for the dilution of essential oils. Some of the vegetable oils are oily extracts of valuable plants.


During the steam distillation of aromatic plants are formed so called hydrolates or flower waters. They are not potential irritants and very gently affect the body and psychological sphere. Hydrolate based procedures are sometimes called aroma homeopathy.

Sauna aroma blends

Bring noticeable health benefits, enhancing the effects of sauna. Hot steam with aromas of pine needles and valuable plants has a double benefit for both the therapeutic effect on the respiratory system and on the skin. Pleasant natural aromas deepen the feeling of relaxation, providing a rejuvenating action.