Irritated hand skin

  Irritated hand skin   Regular hand washing – an ordinary preventive measure against various infections. However, frequent exposure to water and soap can make the skin of the hands irritated, dry, and painful. The hands appearance is also not pleasing: they turn red and peel off, and you don’t want to draw attention to […]

No time or opportunity for complex skincare routines

  No time or opportunity for complex skincare routines   The need to look after a small child or an elderly relative, intensive studies, career growth, frequent trips – these are just some of the significant reasons why we are forced to abandon of multi-layered cosmetic care routines and reduce the number of jars on […]

Tired back, back pain

  Tired back, back pain   To keep the body in an upright position, we use many large and small muscles that work strictly coordinated. Primarily, these are the muscles of the back. Sedentary work or prolonged periods of forced immobility (for example, during an air flight or a car trip) may violate their verified […]

Hair has lost its attractive appearance

  Hair has lost its attractive appearance Dull, weak, thin and brittle hair with split ends, hair thinning and hair loss – all this can talk about problems in the organism or improper hair care. What does our hair need? Mild, non-aggressive cleansing using modern foaming agents. Shampoos with plant-derived surfactants based on coconut oil […]

Physical and mental overload, emotional stress

  Physical and mental overload, emotional stress   Intensive study, career advancement, the birth of a child, and other personal circumstances – all this forces us to live at high speeds. There may be appear such symptoms as: feeling off constant fatigue; depressive mood; deterioration of cognitive functions – memory, thinking, attention; insomnia; digestive disorders; […]

Premature age-related changes

  Premature age-related changes   Symptoms: Loss of skin elasticity, appearance of fine lines, vascular asterisks, uneven pigmentation, impure complexion. Dull, earthy skin appearance. Chronic fatigue, apathy, memory deterioration, and unstable mood. Reduced joint mobility and the appearance of pain in the extremities. The cause of all these unpleasant phenomena may be oxidative stress induced […]