Cracks on the heels

  Cracks on the heels? Symptoms: very dry, rough skin on the feet, cracked soles and heels, pain when walking.     numis® med Cracked Heel Cream with 25% urea allows you to quickly get rid of cracks, calluses, corns and abrasions. The results are noticeable after the first application of the cream. numis® med […]

Rough, very dry skin on the face, body, or legs

  Rough, very dry skin on the face, body, or legs Maybe your skin needs more nutrition and hydration.   With numis® med UREA cosmetics, these signs of dry skin will immediately diminish, and the skin will be protected from further drying.          

Neurodermatitis skin care

  Neurodermatitis skin care Skin with symptoms of neurodermatitis demands very gentle and dermatologically tested cosmetics.     There is a solution! Specially developed for the care of very dry skin, including neurodermatitis: a day cream for the face  5% UREA, a night cream for the face 5% UREA, a hand cream 10% UREA. You […]

Skin care for diabetes

  Skin care for diabetes With increased blood sugar content, the functions of many organs and systems are disrupted. Under the influence of glucose in tissues are formed dangerous compounds – the end products of accelerated glycation (AGE), leading to collagen denaturation. Which is known to be the main structural protein of the body; it […]

Psoriasis skin care

  Psoriasis skin care Intensive moisturizing can reduce unpleasant symptoms such as itching and flaking. There is a solution! All the necessary skin care products in psoriasis can be found in the specially developed numis® med UREA line.    

Very sensitive skin?

  Very sensitive skin?   More and more people are complaining of skin hypersensitivity. Such skin reacts with redness, burning and itching on many influences – for example, on the application of regular cosmetics, on cold windy weather, or even on washing with tap water. Normal skin has an adapting resource for external conditions, while […]