NATUREA Aqua Body Peeling Colorful Pepper

PERFECT SKIN AFTER EVERY PEELING! A unique formula enriched with sea salt and colorful pepper revitalizes the skin, making it smooth and silky.

MAGICAL AROMA! Awaken your senses with the incredible fragrance of our peeling. Delicate, exotic, and aromatic – it envelops you in a warm oriental enchantment. With hints of vanilla and caramel, every shower becomes a true self-care ritual.

FEEL THE POWER OF NATURE IN EVERY MOVE! The base of our peeling is natural sea salt, which gently stimulates blood circulation and skin renewal, making it as soft as silk. Plant oils provide nourishing and smoothing properties to the skin.

ENSURE IMPEABLE SKIN CONDITION! Our peeling is suitable for all skin types, offering amazing results. Worried about dryness and flaking? Our peeling is the perfect solution. Take care of your skin, feel its softness and elasticity with every use.

A SELF-CARE RITUAL IN JUST MINUTES! This peeling is your secret to perfect skin. Use it just 1-2 times a week, and feel your skin become more firm, silky, and refreshed. Use it in the sauna, steam room, or bath for maximum effect.

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Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious care with Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Colorful Pepper! Our unique peeling, made from sea salt and colorful pepper, provides gentle care for your skin.

Its base is sea salt, which boosts circulation and gives the skin a silky feel. Plant oils moisturize and soften, creating a sensation of exceptional smoothness. This peeling is not just a product, it’s a beauty ritual. The aroma of sweet pepper with vanilla and caramel notes will envelop you, making the procedure wonderfully pleasant. Suitable for all skin types, it’s recommended for saunas and baths. Turn your self-care into a true art form with Naturea!

Choose Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Colorful Pepper because your skin deserves only the best. Experience the luxury of care surrounded by the aromas of the Orient. Not just a peeling, but the art of transforming skin into a work of art.