Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Pine: Invigorating Pine Scent and the Magic of Sea Salt in Every Drop!

REVITALIZING PINE AROMA: Awaken with your skin to the intensive, spicy, and resinous-woody aroma that fills the body with freshness and vigor.

THE MAGIC OF SEA SALT: The natural basis of the peeling activates circulation, stimulates skin renewal, and leaves it as soft as silk.

SKIN REGENERATION: Suitable for all skin types, providing excellent restoration.

APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS: Light, circular movements after a shower give your skin softness and a sense of freshness.

IDEAL FOR DRY SKIN REGENERATION: Use 1-2 times a week, especially in the sauna, steam room, or bath.



Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Pine – Be inspired by nature for refreshing care. This peeling, enriched with sea salt, eucalyptol, and nourishing plant oils, delivers an intense pine scent that invigorates and refreshes.

Its unique formula activates circulation, stimulates skin renewal, and gives it a silky touch. Recommended for all skin types, it is particularly effective in regenerating dry and flaky skin. Use it after a shower, creating light, circular motions for maximum effect. Awaken your skin with the morning peeling of Naturea and enjoy the feeling of vigor and natural freshness.