NATUREA Aqua Body Peeling Verbena-Multivitamin

A SURGE OF ENERGY FOR YOUR SKIN! Discover the secret of perfect care with Aqua Body Peeling Verbena-Multivitamin. This peeling, rich in sea salt, the fresh aroma of verbena, and nourishing plant oils, is designed for all skin types.

THE MAGIC OF SEA SALT: FOR UNPARALLELED PURITY AND SMOOTHNESS! The optimal structure of sea salt gently stimulates circulation and opens pores for vitamins, oils, and minerals. The result? Skin that’s silky soft to the touch, with a radiant and smooth appearance.

SKIN CARE IN THE RHYTHM OF NATURE: SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, RICH! Specially designed for application on wet skin, this peeling becomes a true pleasure for your skin. Natural oils, vitamins, and minerals take care of the skin, making it irresistibly soft and radiant.

NATURE’S INGREDIENTS: FOR FLAWLESS BEAUTY AND CARE! A safe composition that includes sea salt, plant oils, and vitamins makes this peeling an unrivaled choice for caring for your skin.

APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS: SAUNA, STEAM ROOM, OR BATH! Turn your care routine into a true ritual. Recommended for use in the sauna, steam room, or bath. Ideal for rejuvenating dry and flaky skin.

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Unveil the secrets of skin perfection with Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Verbena-Multivitamin. This magical peeling, enriched with pristine sea salt, the fresh scent of verbena, and nourishing plant oils, promises you a unique care experience. Our suess lies in the crystalline structure of sea salt, which activates circulation and awakens the skin’s pores for oils, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, the skin becomes incredibly soft, radiant, and feels almost weightless to the touch. This peeling is created for all skin types, providing gentleness and hydration. Natural ingredients – sea salt, plant oils, and vitamins – ensure safety and effectiveness. The scent of verbena invites you on a unique journey of self-care. Apply the peeling after a shower, enjoying every moment. Apply to the skin, rinse off, and pat dry with a towel, and after just a few uses, you will feel the difference. Recommended for the sauna, steam room, or bath, this peeling turns care into a true beauty ritual. You deserve the best, choose Naturea Aqua Body Peeling Verbena-Multivitamin and feel the magic of nature on your skin.