Naturea Body Cream, 200 ml: Luxurious Hydration and Velvety Softness for Your Skin!

RICH HYDRATION: Suitable for all skin types, providing exquisite hydration and softness.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Contains shea butter, wheat protein, spirulina extract, and vitamin E to nourish the skin and give it a velvety feel.

SAFE AND NATURAL COMPONENTS: Free from parabens, mineral oils, polyethylene glycol, and allergenic fragrances.

EASY APPLICATION: Simply apply after a bath or shower and massage into the skin for absorption.

NOURISHMENT AND CARE: The cream includes vital substances like lecithin and natural lipids, providing everything the skin needs for its health.

SMOOTHING AND FIRMNESS: The unique formula with added caffeine and carnitine helps maintain skin’s elasticity and tone.



Naturea Body Cream, 200 ml – Luxurious Hydration and Love for Your Skin! This cream is an unparalleled delight for your skin. Specially designed for all skin types, Naturea Body Cream offers intense hydration and gentle care.

A combination of valuable ingredients such as shea butter, wheat protein, spirulina extract, and vitamin E ensures the skin receives everything it needs to stay healthy and velvety soft.