NATUREA Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo

INTENSIVE 2 IN 1 CARE: Shampoo and Shower Gel with Spirulina Extract. Hair and skin care combined in one incredible product.

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR AND SKIN TYPES: Even for the most sensitive skin. In addition to hair care, it gently cares for your skin with every touch.

SPIRULINA AND INDIAN FIG EXTRACT: An exclusive blend of microalgae and plant extracts, making your skin incredibly soft and your hair strong.

ANTIMICROBIAL EFFECT: Fights dandruff and microbes, ensuring healthy-looking hair.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains Indian fig extract, spirulina, and panthenol, free from parabens, mineral and paraffin oils, polyethylene glycol, and allergenic fragrances.

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Naturea Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo Spirulina Intensive Care: Two in One for Perfect Care! This unique 2-in-1 product – Naturea Sensitive Hair & Body Shampoo Spirulina Intensive Care with Spirulina Extract – offers intensive care for your hair and skin in a single bottle.

Designed for all hair types and even the most sensitive skin, it gently cares for your hair and skin, enriching them with a unique combination of Spirulina microalgae and valuable plant extracts, including Indian fig extract.